Introducing Shinbashi, the town of old and new

Shinbashi is a district of Minato, Tokyo, Japan, located south of Ginza, west of Tsukiji and Shiodome. Shinbashi is also a major railway hub and more than 440 thounsand passengers use the station daily. (boarding passengers only, including JR, Tokyo Metro, Toei, and Yurikamome Line)

Shinbashi SL Square

Shinbashi is often crowded with many "salaryman" (typical Japanese white-collar businessman) and "OL" (office lady) during weekdays and therefore, is often called "Salaryman's Town" or "Salaryman's sacred place." No matter what time of day you are there, you will see full of salarymen and OL in the area.

Because of these reasons, Shinbashi is very famous for TV interviews. When TV stations want to interview a salaryman or want to collect people's opinion for certain topics, they usually come to SL square garden, Shinbashi's landmark where the Steam Locomotive is displayed, in font of JR Shinbashi Station.

TV interview in SL Square

Shinbashi has a wide range of "izakaya" (Japanese pubs) that provide good cheap food and drinks, and a variety of restaurants, both traditional and modern. At night, neon signs of karaoke and hostess bars brighten the streets and this place becomes literally a "Salaryman's sacred place."

Izakaya in Shinbashi

Neonā€lit street

There are many backstreets that branch off from the main one that are filled with old buildings. On the contrary, eastern Shinbashi, Shiodome has been transformed into one of Tokyo's most modern areas. Shiodome's skyscrapers are looming over old buildings. Shinbashi is a very unique town where old and new aspects coexist. You'll be able to experience the old good Showa era along the new in this town.

The town of old and new


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This content is managed and maintained by a young generation group within our community called SSS, or Shinbashi Seinen Shinkokai. Most of the members here have each job during the day, and voluntarily gather to serve the community. We are not a professional tour guide, but we hope that this content will help you find the information you need which you won't find in your travel guidebook.

We always welcome everyone who visit Shinbashi and hope that you enjoy your stay here.