Find out more about the history of Shinbashi

Shinbashi is best known for being Japan's first railway terminal in 1872, more than 140 years ago. The station was actually located in the district of Shiodome, but the name Shinbashi is still understood in these areas.

Shinbashi Station in 1872

After World War 2 when Japan was scarce in resources, Shinbashi once became a black market and it was said that you could get practically anything in this area. You can still sense some of the hustle and bustle in the area now.

Old days of SL Square

It was after the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 when the redevelopment of the town started. Shinbashi Ekimae Building that was built in 1966, and New Shinbashi Building in 1971, became the landmark in the area since then. Now that 50 years has passed, these landmarks have turned to unique spots where you can sense good old days of Showa Era.

New Shinbashi Building

To the east side of Shinbashi, known as Shiodome, has turned into one of the most fashionable places in Tokyo. After JR had run out of use for the land, the land was auctioned off in 1997 and redeveloped the whole area with skyscrapers, luxuary hotels, a complex of cultural facilities, shops and restaurants. The place where Shinbashi Station was originally built has become Tokyo's most modern areas.

Eastern Shinbashi Area


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