Sukiyaki Restaurant

Brilliant Sukiyaki and Friendly Atmosphere

Imaasa has been running business since 1880, at the time when former Shinbashi (later Shiodome) railway station was in service nearby, and has never moved from the original location. Inside the restaurant corridor you will be greeted by the fascinating painting "Wagyu & Grape". They provide only A5 rank Japanese Black centering on Matsusaka beef along with their special Warishita sauce and other sophisticated dishes. Sukiyaki is prepared by a certified chef who is responsible for hand-slicing Matsusaka Beef in traditional paper-thin pieces.

Sukiyaki Set

Tatami mat room

Matsuzaka Beef

Sukiyaki w/sizzle

Table floor

Manager Fujimori

We have been running a restaurant business for over 135 years. I'm the fifth generation manager of this restaurant. Please come and try our traditional Japanese beef dish, "sukiyaki" along with our selection of palatable wines.


English menu available
Accept credit cards
1-1-21, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
03-3572-5286 (+81-3-3572-5286)


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