Sushi Restaurant

Memorable Sushi Experience

Kinbee started in 1959 after the original master apprenticed for years in Ginza. Its present master is third generation of the family. The place has only 8 counters seats but this creates a pleasant geniality between customer and master. The master occasionally explains a technique or a secret of the art. He goes to Tsukiji fish market to obtain high quality seafood by himself.You can savor the essence of Edomae sushi and a memorable experience in Kinbee.

Edomae Sushi Course

Sashimi Over Rice

Tuna Ikkan

Sweet Egg Custard

Roast Fish

Sushi Master Ueda

I am the third generation sushi master of Kinbee. Japan is blessed with four distinct seasons and created a unique food culture. We are happy to serve you the best sushi cuisine of the season upon your request. Feel free to ask anything about sushi when you order.


English menu available
Accept credit cards
1-10-2, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
03-3571-1832 (+81-3-3571-1832)


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